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Mr. H.  Douglas Nguyen is currently President and Managing Director of Hand To Hand, USA. Mr Nguyen has backgrounds in Finance, Real Estate, and Taxation.  From 1983 to 2006, Mr Nguyen was a mortgage banker, working for California Federal Bank, Del Amo Savings, Home Savings of America, American Savings Bank, Great Western Bank, Bank of America, Millennium Mortgage. Mr Nguyen is also a licensed real estate broker since 1994. Mr. Nguyen has worked hard to put Hand To Hand in a financial sound footing and expand its services to Asian American seniors and other people of Orange County in need.


H. Douglas Nguyen’s career in the real estate investment business has evolved over thirty years, from mortgage banking, scanning the classified ads and calling “For Sale by Owner” signs in the late 1980s to managing creative structured real estate investments selling and financing.


In thirty years, there have been micro and macro cycles that can only be understood through experience. For example, in the early 1990s, lack of financing created by the S&L crisis brought opportunity to those that could see it and Mr. Nguyen proposed his first large project with owner financing and non-bank institutional debt (equity inversion).


Understanding the marketplace is also imperative on the flip side. When it becomes clear that the fundamentals and feasibility of a potential acquisition are untenable, Mr. Nguyen has always had the foresight and willingness to walk away, and, hindsight shows that virtually all these discarded deals have been burdensome to buyers and other owners.


Since founding Hand To Hand in 2013, Ms Huong Nguyen has worked tirelessly to build Hand To Hand non profit organization. Hand To Hand now serves food to the homeless people of Orange County up to 600 meals per week. Her dedication to the mission and the noble cause of helping the local needy people is unmatched.


Hand To Hand is made possible by a small group of staff and many volunteers. Here are some of them

My Tuyet Thi Le


Hao Nhien Ly

Vice President/Field Service Operation/Volunteer

Thu-Thao Nguyen

Goodwill Ambassador

Hoang Nguyen

VOLUNTEER - Food Store Manager

John Huynh

IT Director - Volunteer